Kane&Company is a Media Exposure Management Firm dedicated to
results-focused market research, media, design and production in a cost
effective and influential approach to achieve business success on a
project or long term basis.

The Media Exposure Management Firm of Kane&Company was created in 1993 by merging the practices of Magnum Advertising, a full-service advertising agency, Magnum Productions, a creative production company for radio and television, and Radcom, a market and media research company. The result is an innovative and comprehensive approach to the exposure needs of virtually any company. When we make a commitment to deal with your company, you can be assured that the focus will be on performance and prosperity predicated on the initial objectives.

Partners Rick Kane and Michele Borowsky are themselves business owners as well as practitioners. Rick is a Board Certified Media Consultant and former President/CEO of a New York Advertising Agency and award winning media production companies. Michele began her career as a product-marketing analyst and rose to a Vice Presidency for business practices, business marketing analysis and market research. While on the cutting edge of advances, we also rely upon the proven foundations for beneficial results.

Rick Kane, Senior Partner:
“At Kane&Company we feel an obligation to only provide those services which are in the client's interest, necessity, and welfare.”

Michele Borowsky, Executive Partner:
"There aren't any gimmicks or magic formulas, just communicating with the right people, at the right time, with the right message."

Contact Kane&Company in Phoenix, Arizona by calling 602.404.1085 or emailing Rick@KaneComAz.com or Michele@KaneComAz.com